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Cars That Stand the Test of Time

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BMW XM Concept: An M-Only SUV with a 750-HP V8 and a Velvet Bench Seat

Those who gave BMW a hard time for the new M3 and M4's oversized snouts can get their pitchforks back out. The German automaker has now unveiled the Concept XM, a preview of what will eventually be the most powerful BMW ever, the very first electrified M car, and the first standalone M product not based on an existing Bimmer since the M1 supercar w...

BMW Begins i4 Deliveries Three Months Early

The first examples of the BMW i4 have been handed over to buyers in Germany, with the new Gran Coupe set to battle the Tesla Model 3.

2020 Chicago Auto Show Editors' Picks

Refreshed and modified versions of current cars and trucks led our picks for the 2020 Chicago Auto Show

Nissan announces Ambition 2030 plan for 23 electrified models by 2030

The announcement also came with the debut of four new concept vehicles meant to show where the company is headed on the way to that goal.

School Canceled Due To Bus Driver Shortage

There continues to be a shortage of school bus drivers across the United States. In September, the Governor of Massachusetts deployed members of the National Guard to drive buses. A school bus driver shortage has now forced the cancellation of an entire school day in a Massachusetts school district outside of the mission area.

750-hp BMW Concept XM previews M-only plug-in-hybrid SUV coming in 2022

The production XM will look nearly as wild as this concept and will have 30 miles of EV range.

Will Future BMW EVs Be Fun to Drive?

BMW’s product manager for M offers his reassurances.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee: First Drive Review

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The GMC Hummer EV’s Max Tow Rating Is Lower Than the Chevy Colorado

No one's buying a 1,000-horsepower GMC Hummer EV to tow construction equipment with--at least, not that I know of. Still, generally speaking, towing is an important task for any pickup. That's what makes the Ultium battery-powered truck's max tow capacity of 7,500 pounds so interesting, especially when you compare it to other rigs both in and outsi...

Wild Off-Road Rescue Proves Even Airplanes Need Help Sometimes

No injuries, but a Cessna and a side-by-side are pretty dinged up.

2023 Genesis G90 flagship luxury sedan unveiled with seriously good looks

The redesigned G90 finally looks the part, and there's even a super-luxe long-wheelbase version.

Meet the “Pumpkin”, a Dodge snowplow truck looking for a second act in the sun

]Unlike Charlie Brown, I didn’t have to hope to see the Great Pumpkin this past Halloween weekend. I knew exactly when it was coming. My cousin Dave’s 1979 Dodge W150, in its perfect-for-the-1970’s orange hue, is a natural namesake for the legend from Charles Schulz’s cartoon special. Given its Sweptline long bed, slight lift from […] The post Meet the “Pumpkin”, a Dodge snowplow truck looking for a second act in the sun appeared first on...

Best Resale Value Car Brands: These Manufacturers Resist Depreciation the Most

Perhaps you need a new vehicle, but you’re not sure which model is right for you. Knowing which brands hold their value best can steer you in the right direction—from there, decide what size or body style you like most. What automaker holds its value best? To find out, we worked with IntelliChoice to obtain

Escape Your Family This Thanksgiving With A Radwood SoCal Gallery

Holidays can be stressful. Visiting family, preparing food, dealing with the one weird uncle who never quite knows when to stop talking. I get it, sometimes you just need a break. Something else to draw your attention, to keep you occupied for a few minutes. Maybe even some comfortable nostalgia to drown out the discussion that’s getting a bit too heated in the background. Never fear: I present to you fifty photos from Radwood SoCal. Thank me...

Here Are Nissan’s New Concept EVs, Rated From Most to Least Dystopian

Back in the far distant past, concept EVs were fun. Y'know, full-sized toy cars and stuff--things you knew would never get made that let the design office run wild for once. Not anymore! Now, they're made to be somewhere you live and work in because we've all enjoyed being in a self-contained area these past two years. From fabulous luxury to a gam...

2023 Genesis G90 Revealed Looking Like a True Flagship Sedan

The model that officially launched the Genesis brand is now entering a new generation and should be available in the U.S. sometime in 2022.

Renault teaches the 4 how to fly for its 60th birthday

Renault is celebrating 60 years of the 4, one of its best-selling and most emblematic models, by turning it into a flying car. It teamed up with a design firm named TheArsenale to build a functional prototype called Air4 that explores what the hatchback could look like in 60 years. We're promised that the Air4 is "not a concept nor a joke." Complet...

Ken Block's 14-Year Old Daughter Is Going to Drag Race a Bunch of Cars in His 1400-HP Hoonicorn

Hoonicorn Vs. The World is back for season two with a twist.

Least reliable car companies in America

When looking to buy a car, reliability is important, but it’s one of the harder things for car reviewers like us to evaluate. Thankfully, Consumer Reports polls its subscribers annually in order to judge which brands and models are the least likely to have issues. CR also tracks the least reliable brands, which should help you narrow down your shop...

The BMW Concept XM Is Uncharted Territory

The first ground-up M car since the M1 is going into production next year. Somehow, it is this.

America’s woodie wagon history

From the Ford Country Squire to the AMC Pacer we examine America’s story of the wood-panelled station wagon.

Porsche Readying Flagship SUV to Eclipse Current Cayenne

When Porsche unveiled the original Cayenne way back in 2003, brand purists nearly rose up in revolt. How could the iconic German sports car maker build—gulp—an SUV? Well, nearly two decades and a smaller SUV (the compact Macan), a luxury sedan (the Panamera), and the electric Taycan later, most have come around to the idea,

Porsche Is Expanding Paint to Sample Choices to Over 160 Colors

The new colors are available on every model in Porsche's lineup, including the Cayenne SUV, and Porsche plans to expand the number of painted-to-order vehicles it builds.

The Ford Bronco Made Me Understand the Wrangler

I never really got why people love the Jeep Wrangler so much. After driving the Bronco, I finally do.

2022 Genesis G90 Debuts As Stunning Sedan With Optional Long Wheelbase

The stretched version has the Maybach S-Class in the crosshairs.

1995 Toyota Century Review: JDM Elegance Without the Flashy Opulence

For most Westerners, one look at the all-black sedan won't tell you much. The trunk proclaims it is a "Century," but there are no manufacturer badges emblazoned on it; all it bears is a curious golden phoenix on its hood and center caps. Looking more closely, even the era is hard to place. The squared-off tail lights scream the '80s, the front gril...

"Bad Boys" Porsche 911 Turbo Could Fetch Big Bucks at Auction

The Porsche 964 Turbo is a very, very desirable 911, with a big 3.6-liter flat-six pumping out 355 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. Few were made over its two-year run, making it one of the rarer and more ferocious of 911s in the modern era. So, all that makes a

The best safari-style car builds to hit the market

From off-road Porsche 911s to a Volvo 940, almost anything can benefit from a rally-style makeover.

750-HP BMW XM Concept Previews an Insane Performance SUV Flagship

The plug-in-hybrid XM will arrive at the end of next year and is the first stand-alone M model since the 1970s-era M1 sports car.

These New Cars Retain the Most Value

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Hatchet Jobs: Automotive Turkeys

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Review: 2021 Yamaha XSR900

Crossover. Unless you’re an audio engineer building up a loudspeaker, it’s probably a dirty word to you. Musicians use it derisively to label songs that are milquetoast enough to appeal across genre; think Elvis Presley, Vanilla Ice, late-period Metallica. Autowriters have applied it to the ticky-tacky boxes that combine the drawbacks of a truck and […] The post Review: 2021 Yamaha XSR900 appeared first on Hagerty Media.

Can Audi RS3 Beat Lighter, More Powerful AMG A45 S In A Drag Race?

These German hot hatches have got some rivalry going on.

These Crossovers Should Help Make Winter Less Miserable

Cold weather is a perfect excuse to have a nice sled. Here is 20 of our favorites.

2022 Chevy Silverado and 2022 GMC Sierra trucks will be offered with a regular cab and a short bed

If you appreciate back-to-basics trucks, rejoice! GM will soon offer two-door versions of these pickups with two bed lengths.

BMW Concept XM previews the first standalone M car since the M1

BMW M has worked its magic on numerous cars over the past 50 years but it has only developed one model from the ground up: the M1. It's about to add a second vehicle to its résumé, and it previewed the high-performance SUV by unveiling a design study named Concept XM. While the XM is new, we've heard rumors about it for many years. Put simply, this...

What Regrettably Expensive Mistakes Have You Made In A Car?

BMW Concept XM Revealed: A Powerful, Polarizing, Production-Bound PHEV

The ultra-edgy SUV has 750 horsepower and a theoretical 30 miles of electric range.

EdisonFuture EF1-T Aims for the Cybertruck

Yet another EV start-up has plans for an electric truck, and this one has a few things in common with the Cybertruck. Here's what it plans to offer.

1977 Dodge Street Van: The Shaggin' Wagon!

In October of 1973, the Arab Oil Embargo hit the United States like a tsunami. It all began with the surprise attack of October 6 on the nation of Israel; a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria had fired the opening salvo in the Yom Kippur War. By October 19, the White

VW teams up with Amazon to put a Taos AR driving game on its boxes

If you've got a smartphone, a low threshold for entertainment and some time to kill, then you can game your way into three free months of Amazon Music Unlimited.

Treadmill Racing Is The Best Racing You Can Watch On Thanksgiving

Well, it’s Thanksgiving. You’re gonna see your beloved relatives, you’re gonna eat a meal that’s fine but not really good enough to be served more than once a year. You’re gonna steep in a hot room with a bunch of snoozing uncles while the bleak spectacle of a nationally televised Detroit Lions game drones on the TV. Or, you could bury your nose in your phone and watch Spongebob battle Keekychow on some guy’s treadmill.

This Ralliart Appearance Pack Is Everything Wrong with Mitsubishi Today

It's been a minute and a half since Mitsubishi has done anything remotely cool and judging by the branding shenanigans it's getting up to overseas, it isn't likely the once-great automaker will be breaking that streak any time soon. Brought to our attention by Motor1, Mitsu has introduced new Ralliart versions of the Pajero Sport SUV and Triton pic...

Volkswagen’s little-known EA 128 was a 1960s luxury prototype with Porsche power

Volkswagen fully molted out of its people’s-car skin in 2002, when it introduced the luxurious Phaeton. Built on the same basic platform as the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, among others models, it landed as an ultra-luxurious sedan available with an impressive selection of engines. It was the company’s first move into a segment dominated by […] The post Volkswagen’s little-known EA 128 was a 1960s luxury prototype with Porsche power appeared...

Ken Block's Daughter, 14, Drag-Races His 1400-HP Hoonicorn on YouTube

Hoonicorn vs. the World is back for Season Two on YouTube with a twist.

Piston Slap: From Thriftmaster to a big-cube six shooter?

Scooter writes: Is it possible to engine swap a 235 Chevy to a later-model 250 inline-six Chevy in my original factory, frame stock steering box, straight-axle 1957 Chevy pickup truck? Sajeev answers: Yes, because anything is possible when it comes to modifying a classic vehicle. It’s even kinda easy when it comes to American vehicles […] The post Piston Slap: From Thriftmaster to a big-cube six shooter? appeared first on Hagerty Media.

Some Carvana buyers have waited months for license plates

Consumer complaints against online auto dealer Carvana have escalated during the pandemic, to the point where some states have slapped the startup with fines and stop-sale orders, citing buyers who have waited months for registration paperwork to be processed and license plates to be delivered. Buyers in multiple states have reported delays ranging...

2023 Kia Niro First Look: Bye Bye, Boring

The idea of Kia’s Niro was probably as appealing as the vehicle itself when the hybrid hatchback debuted for 2017. Here was a dedicated hybrid that, much like Toyota’s Prius, lacked a solely gas-fed “regular car” counterpart. Its somewhat generic tall-hatchback styling housed a pleasantly roomy cabin and a platform that also would come to

Subaru’s Performance Car History In The U.S.

With an all-new WRX ready to continue the Subaru performance family, we meet the ancestors.